...to raise an awareness and appreciation of Hamilton's gully systems and to actively promote and enable the physical resoration of privately owned gully sections.


The Gully Restoration Programme is a partnership between Hamilton City Council and the community. The aim of this popular programme is to


raise an awareness and appreciation of Hamilton's gully systems, and
> actively promote and enable the physical restoration of this resource.

For more information read the publication Ecological Restoration in Hamilton City, North Island, New Zealand a paper by Bruce D. Clarkson and Joanna C. McQueen.

Monitoring of the Gully Restoration Programme undertaken by University or Waikato

A number of projects have be developed to help realise these goals. The latest Gully Restoration Guide was released in 2006 and provides information required to plant and implement a successful restoration project, and is widely used around the city.

The guide has been supported by a series of theoretical and practical workshops and seminars that provide further information and opportunities for 'hands on learning'.

The Gully Restoration Programme has a database of interested gully owners and enthusiasts which keeps them up to date with what is happening to support gully restoration, through regular Newsletters or see What's On for information on workshops, lectures, field trips.

The programme also supports other initiatives that will provide the necessary resources for gully restoration, such as the provision of native plants for planting on council land (see Plants for Gullies).

Visit Hamilton City Council'scommunity planting webpage for more information about community planting and other useful links.

For more information contact Parks and Open Spaces on 07 838 6622.